Omni-channel Data Platform that handles Structured & Unstructured Data
No more data silos. BoostUp analyzes every communication touch point between sellers and prospects and turns unstructured conversations into early warning signs so you can close deals faster.

Engagement signals automatically added in the CRM

  • Contacts
    Email Response Rate Last Engaged Name Phone Title Sentiments Decision Maker? Questions Keywords/Phrases
  • Opportunity
    Time between Meetings # of Contacts Engaged # of Meetings Key Phrases Competitors Engagement Titles Engaged
  • Activity
    Meeting Title RSVP’s Meeting Date Meeting Agenda Call Sentiment Questions Meeting Duration Topics No Show?
Structured data Unstructured data

Pre-built Customizable Dashboards

Get flagged deals to review in your 1:1s. Review deals that matter. Less inspection, more coaching.
Stay on top of risk & engagement in your pipeline. Know real deals from fake ones.
Opportunity red flags on your finger tips. Stay ahead of deal obstacles. Instant visibility into top deals and risk factors
What are your top reps saying?
Which reps are off messaging?
Are sales enablement programs getting adopted?
Learn the behavior that produces engagement. Track the effectiveness of sales activities. Measure quality not just quantity
Completely Customizable. Make it yours.
BoostUp doesn’t believe in one size fits all. Your sales cycle, ACV and selling complexity is unique. Configure and customize topics, competitors, risk factors, red flags, dashboards and reports with just a few clicks. And if something doesn't exist, we are happy to build it for you.

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