Find hidden red flags inside sales communications & close deals faster
The most truthful source of data to run your sales team is not in your CRM. Buried deep within rep's email, calendar and call transcripts are the contextual red flags. BoostUp converts unstructured conversations into actionable early warning signals.
Early warning signals from BoostUp help you win more deals, faster.
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    Forecast accuracy from actual conversational data

    The real data to predict deals is buried inside rep’s communications. Use prospect sentiment, engagement and interaction velocity to inspect forecasts reliably. No more surprises.

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    Deal inspection with actionable insights

    Get ahead of obstacles with early warning signs when deals start to deviate from normal. Is the rep talking to all the right roles at the right level? How is the sentiment trending overall?

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    Improve the health of your entire pipeline

    Separate real opportunities from fake ones. No more surprises. BoostUp surfaces the truth so you can stay on top of forecast this quarter and be set up for crushing the next.

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    Automated data entry in the CRM

    Free up reps to focus on sales. Cut down admin efforts. BoostUp automatically adds contacts & activities in your CRM without sellers having to enter data manually.

  • Omni-Channel AI Platform

    BoostUp connects with the APIs of every communication channel to construct the most complete view of the opportunity. Our technology scans rep’s inboxes and phone calls to distill actionable red flag signals from several communication providers across email, calendar, chat, conference calls and dialer phone calls.

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    Completely Customizable & Personalized for You

    Define custom flags, risk factors and deal red flag rules. Our sentiment & risk AI models are trained specifically on your data. Configure key phrases such as competitors, objections and get deal alerts when they surface in rep’s communications.

  • Highly Secure Single Tenant Hosted Architecture

    BoostUp is a security-first company on our way to SOC2 certification. Our platform analyzes sales communications on the fly and transmits the processed data right back into your CRM. Raw data is never stored. Our single tenant hosted architecture affords maximum security with our entire application stack deployed inside your VPC. This architecture completely isolates your data and gives you fine-grained control over data retention and deletion.


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