Find Red Flags in Your Forecast & Save Deals Faster
Lack of CRM engagement and seller biases lead to forecast misses and deal slippage. The most truthful data to call deals and forecast is not in your CRM. Buried deep within seller's email, calendar, recordings and transcripts are those predictive red flags. BoostUp surfaces those red flags so you can stay on top of hitting your forecast.
Fix your Forecast Earlier with BoostUp's Early Warning Risk Factors
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    Forecast accuracy from conversational content

    Quickly learn which territories, sellers and deals will fall short. Identify At-risk deals and submit forecasts that match with reality. Find deals with potential to pull into the quarter

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    Forecast deal inspection with actionable insights

    Learn why the deal is at high risk. Has the seller completed all the right actions, has strong 2-way relationships and has relevant prospect roles engaging back? How is the sentiment trending overall?

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    Bulletproof your next quarter outlook

    Do you have enough real, low risk deals in your mid-stage pipeline. Learn the gap for each seller and focus them on right deals. Get confidence and be set up for your next quarter performance

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    Free sellers to do selling & scale your managers

    Get good data pushed in the CRM automatically. Managers and sellers save 2-4 hours every week with automated deal risk summaries and in-depth yet faster deal reviews

Why customers love

  • Omni-Channel Risk AI Platform

    BoostUp is natively integrated with all communication channels and CRMs to score every deal on sentiment, relationship, engagement and seller action risk . Our Risk AI technology scans prospect conversations to distill actionable red flag signals across email, calendar, conference calls and Linkedin. Get alerts when sellers miss right topics and actions with right buyer personas at the right time.

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    Completely Customizable & Personalized for You

    Configure custom flags, risk factors and deal red flag rules. Our sentiment & risk AI models are trained specifically on your data. Configure key phrases such as competitors, objections and get deal alerts when they surface in prospect communications.

  • Highly Secure Single Tenant Hosted Architecture

    BoostUp is a security-first company on our way to SOC2 certification. Our platform analyzes sales interactions on the fly and transmits the processed data right back into your CRM. Raw data is never stored. Our single tenant hosted architecture affords maximum security with our entire application stack deployed inside your VPC. This architecture completely isolates your data and gives you fine-grained control over data retention and deletion.


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